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Published: 22.02.2020
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We provide telephone interpreting services to a variety of customers in different industries.

We are looking for independent Sales Representatives and/or Agencies well introduced within their reference territories and channels that are wishing to add our services into their current product lines.

Our service line is very competitive and convenient for customers, with different packages and contracts that are suitable for any need and quite easy to be presented and sold. Customers\\\' service requests are handled by our customer care so you can just focus on making new deals. Most of them do recurring sales so you could continue to earn commissions without any effort. we offer 10% commissions and we do provide training and exclusive customer protection.

Target clients

Healthcare, public services, legal: interpreters are mandatory whenever doctors of public officers interact with LEP patients (Limited English Patients) and interpreters by telephone are the most practical and effective way to handle such need. Current value of such markets in United States is exceeding US$5 billion/year. Telephone interpreting is also widely adopted by all businesses dealing with multi-language customers or suppliers.
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"Dank und insbesondere das Engagement von Seiten-Inhaber Herrn Ciz, konnten wirdas richtige Personal für den tschechischen Markt gewinnen. Für einen Spezialanbieter aus derMatratzenbranche ist dies in einem fremden Markt existenziell, um dort erfolgreich bestehen zukönnen. Die Firma hat somit direkten Anteil an unseren zukünftigen Erfolgen inTschechien."Peter Leyhr B.A. 

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