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Published: 11.09.2018
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We are looking for flexible, well-connected traders with global reach. We require our trades to already have a strong network in the industry they primarily want to focus on. Additionally, you will be assigned clients including their products, that we think, fit your portfolio. The IT-Solution we supply to the traders, enables them to work from anywhere in the world and facilitate trades in nearly every industry.

VICE TRADING is taking over the entire execution of all trades. The traders duty is to communicate, negotiate deals and maintain costumer relationships. Invoicing, transportation, customs clearance and all other steps that lead to a successful execution of the trade are taken care of by our specialized departments and partners.

The main focus lies on agriculture, food and beverage, raw materials, chemicals, construction and construction materials, mining, oil and gas. For anyone having already worked in any of those industries or having strong connections to businesses working in those industries, VICE TRADING offers an amazing opportunity to make use of existing and new contacts acquired in day to day life.

We seek for communicative, extroverted and well-connected traders willing to pull on one string. Our traders need to work together closely, to ensure the best results for our clients. However, we do not require any applicants to have a lot of experience in the field of trading. The primary focus lies on a profound knowledge of the chosen industry as well as excellent communication and socializing skills.

The highly complex commission and bonus system is not only rewarding traders for executed trades, but also for newly registered clients and their products brought by the trader, or assigned by us.


- Fluent in English and your local language

- Business education or work experience in the industry - Good socializing skills

- Talkative and extroverted

- Personal computer, phone and internet access

- High self-organization skills
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