How it works?

- Online database of sales reps
- Online database of opportunities for sales reps
- Individual search for your company - contact us to discuss your needs  

- Field, Desk and Phone Expediting Czechia

How works the online marketplace?

A company can search our database to find their favourite sales rep or insert their own opportunity ad and publish it online. There are no restrictions – the company can look for agent located anywhere and also publish the opportunity in multiple languages.

Individuals or companies looking for new lines (new products to represent) can search the opportunity database or create their own Sales rep profile in multiple languages targeting different countries.

Benefits for companies

- Focused website for finding a sales agent – whatever industry, region, experience, knowledge, contact base – Anywhere in the world!
- Salary based versus commission based reps.
- Negotiate individual conditions directly with sales reps.

Why work with Independent sales representatives?

  1. Quickly expand your database of leads.
  2. Wider product reach in an instant.
  3. Perfect for new products, new market penetration etc.

 Benefits for Sales reps

- Get access to global sales opportunities & expand your product portfolio.
- Join a specialized database for sales agents, sales managers, key account managers etc.
- Create a customized sales rep profile to show what you are looking for.
- Hide personal data and filter companies to deal with.
- Cooperation with companies from all over the world. For free!



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